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Ascension ~The March for India

The Winds from Elysian

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インド・コルカタのファッションブランド「ELYSIAN by Gitanjali」


「Ascension~The March for India」「The Winds from Elysian」


2曲カップリングのシングルで、6月5日 iTunes配信開始。

Ascension -The March for India

Is the image of ascending into the Refined dedicated to all women of India.

The Winds from Elysian

Written for the launch of Elysian by Gitanjali ,inspired by Gitanjali 's work

and vison of Elysian.


With complete gratitude to Gita and Ravi for such a superb opportunity

and special thanks to Ritsuko Shirahama and Kagari Hino

for their heartful introduction.


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