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ライブイベント ルーマニアのブカレストにて


生け花アーティスト Nicoleta、音楽で参加させていただきとても嬉しい限りです。

小濱明人 Akihito OBAMA (尺八)生演奏 

小山豊 Oyama yutaka(津軽三味線)生演奏

ステージ総合音楽 楯直己 with 藤脇 亮* (笙、雅楽道友会) *写真家鈴木敏也さんのご紹介 僕は常に舞う風の音の役 、 雅楽道友会 の藤脇 亮さん(笙)の光る風のような笙の音を中心に、 常に息づき舞う風を描きだしていきました。 現地のスタッフとサポートの方々の呼吸もピッタリとなり、会場中に感動の風が吹いていた様子! 僕の音達もとやりきった幸せ感でいっぱい! 皆様ありがとうございます。

生け花アーティスト Nicoleta,5 Sensesの当日の記事をシェアします。

5Senses & Friends 'ZEPHYROS'

Our Romanian trip culminated with a live ikebana and music performance in Bucharest.

I created this show around the story of the nature's rebirth during spring.

The show started with gentle winds caressing the earth, followed by the blessing of rain and the awakening of nature in spring.

The music during my ikebana performance was composed by 2023 Grammy winner, 楯 直己・Naoki Tate - Ambient Voice Scape and it carried us along throughout the show.

The ikebana performance was punctuated by the stunning performances of Akihito OBAMA〈Shakuhachi Player〉 (shakuhachi) and Oyama Yutaka (小山豊) (shamisen).

The fragrant ikebana composition was centered around the idea of harmony and friendship between Japan and Romania and it featured bamboo and Japanese maple as well as branches of acacia, philadelphus and peonies (Romanian national flower). My assistants on stage were Yamada Hirofumi and Yamada Kumiko. Special thanks to Ryo Fujiwaki (sho) from Gagaku Doyukai.

Many thanks to all those who came, from near and far to see us and the performance (we had a full house), to our hosts Centrul de Studii Romano-Japoneze "Angela Hondru", the sponsors and all those who helped make this a great event. MULTUMESC!


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