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#169「時間の花の誕生と宇宙のシンフォニー」“Flower of time and symphony of the universe”

Improvisation, Symphony of dimensions,


クルクル周る命から,生まれ続ける時の花 時の色

スパイラルのように時間が描かれる 消えては生まれ咲く、そんな時間の花が魔法のように存在する




Flower of time and symphony of the universe

The Circle of life continues to grow and blossom ー the flowers and Colors of time.

Time moves like a spiral and causes the magic of appearing, disappearing, and blossoming of the flower of time to be.

From a broad view, in innumerable dimensions the magic of flowers blooms and resonates as one symphony

A symphony of the universe we may not be hearing but feeling. Homeland of our minds and hearts, this may be.

Written by IMD, JP

Original picture: Keita Animation: Naoki Tate

楯 直己・Naoki Tate – Ambient Voice Scape ※2022年5月6日(金)facebookライブ配信をベースに制作

#自由な心の自由な時空 #ambient #improvisation #mindfulness #nativeflute #duduk #relaxation

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