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#177「日本に吹く2000の風達」“The 2000 winds of Japan” 

Improvisation, Literacy of the Winds served Farming. 農村を守る 風のリテラシー 春 Spring









The 2000 winds of Japan

There are more than 2000 names for different winds

The announcements of "winds" in the calendar were a vital sign for fishers and farmers to look out for wind signs of climate change.

Summer starts with "winds of white clouds from the south", shifting the dark clouds of the rainy season away.

And the "hot summer wind" is the start of summer's humid and hot high season.

Other winds like," black winds from the south ", announce the rainy season.

"Wild summer winds" 、is a sudden, swirly strong wind in summer

A natural way to tune in how nature changes with time and adjust fishing and farming.

All the range of names shows how useful it was for people to name the winds and look out for them. All 2000 and more are still blowing to the present day.

Written by IMD, JP

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