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#186 ”中秋の名月-智恵も美も共に祝うSDG'sな収穫祭~ Mid-Autumn Moon&Harvest "

Improvisation, Mid-Autumn Moon & Harvest, Japan's old lunar and solar calendar



秋晴れの空に浮かぶ中秋の名月 夜を優しく照らし 水に映る月の姿






Mid-Autumn Moon - Harvest Celebrating Wisdom and Beauty Together

In 2022, September 10th is the Mid-Autumn Moon.

The moonlights gently illuminate the night

and the shape of the moon reflected in the water

The clear autumn sky allows the harvest's joy to become a celebration.

In Japan's old lunar and solar calendar, the 1st day of each month is the new moon, the 15th day is the full moon, and the season quotes words serve as a weather forecast. The calendar and talk of people about weather allowed collaborative knowledge and work to sustain. Everyone observed the winds and counted the rainy days to foresee the framing work and events.

Aristocrats of the Heian period in Japan enjoyed the moon viewing parties, originated in China, and enjoyed it by playing musical instruments and composing songs.

In the Edo period, with more people having time to enjoy, the moon viewing parties and harvest festival merged and became a national celebration.

Nothing is more beautiful than celebrating the food we need by playing music and composing songs.

Written by IMD, JP

楯直己・Naoki Tate - Ambient Voice Scape

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