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#193「2億7000万光年の星達が私たちの中でダンス」“Stars,270 million light-years away dance in us”

Ambient Voice Scape #193



NASA/ESA/CSA ジェームズ ウェッブ宇宙望遠鏡が撮影したこの画像は、地球から約 2 億7000光年離れたくじら座にある相互作用銀河「IC 1623」 と呼ばれています。相互作用銀河とは銀河通しがすれ違ったり衝突したりすることで、互いに重力の影響を及ぼし合っている複数の銀河です。この「 IC 1623 」の 2 つの銀河は、銀河通しが合体する瞬間です。その衝突は、スターバーストという現象が起こり、熱狂的に星が誕生しています。天の川銀河の 20 倍以上の速度で新しい星が生み出されているのです。

“ESA/Webb Webb Explores a Pair of Merging Galaxies”より引用





Written by IMD, JP

Stars,270 million light-years away dance in us

This image from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope depicts IC 1623, an entwined pair of interacting galaxies which lies around 270 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Cetus. The two galaxies in IC 1623 are plunging headlong into one another in a process known as a galaxy merger. Their collision has ignited a frenzied spate of star formation known as a starburst, creating new stars at a rate more than twenty times that of the Milky Way galaxy.

Quote from “ESA/Webb Webb Explores a Pair of Merging Galaxies” page

Today, I will share lights from 270 million light-years ago which look like dancing.

Life cycles, the dance of the stars, and the birthing of a new star

We hope you can enjoy this scenery with your eyes open or closed, as you like

May our cells enjoy being a part of regenerating dance in the universe, and

hope we can share the joy of the circle of life we are in.

Written by IMD, JP

楯直己・Naoki Tate - Ambient Voice Scape

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