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#199「太陽とマザーツリー」“Sun and Mother tree”

Ambient Voice Scape #196



太陽とマザーツリー 太陽の子ども達。 太陽は、その体内でエネルギーを10万年以上かかってつくる。 それが表面に湧き出でて、エネルギーが地球に届くのはわずかに8分。 そして地球生命再生工場となるのは、空と海と大地に繋がっている木々達。 森林浴は、日常で生命の原点に触れられる機会であり、免疫を高め、心と身体の凝りをぽぐし、整えてくれます。 実は、各地域で一つの”マザーツリー”と言われる木、日本では小さい神社が建てられているご神木がありますが、それには理由があるそうです。各地域で、木の根っこを通して、周囲の木々に栄養を伝え守っている木があるというのです。 反対にその土地で育つ中心となる木を伐採してしまうとなんとその地域に与える生命力が急激に落ちると言うのです。



本年もどうぞよろしくお願い申し上げます。 参考資料:宮脇方式”の「ミニ森林」が世界で増加、都市部の植樹で人気  宮脇 昭(1928- 2021)、日本の生態学者。、横浜国立大学名誉教授。地球環境戦略研究機関国際生態学センター長。元国際生態学会会長

Resource Miyawaki, Akira, Diana Beresford-Kroeger、「Call of the forest」の著者

Written by IMD, JP

Sun and Mother tree

The sun takes over 100,000 years to create energy inside its body. It erupts to the surface and takes only 8 minutes to reach Earth.

On planet earth, the regeneration factory of the sun's energy into life is the trees, connected to the sky, the sea, and the Earth.

Forest walks in Japan called" Forest bathing" invites people to be in touch with the origin of life daily.

There is a tree called the "mother tree" in each region. In Japan, mother trees are not always but often the sacred trees, "Shin-Boku." They have a Shinto rope with paper or small shrines for people to rest their minds in prayer or talk to trees. o threes in their hearts. The mother trees are also abiologically protecting and raising the small trees through their roots and high production of shifting CO2 into Oxygen...

The mother trees are watching life and supporting our daily life, whispering the mother sun's eternal love to us.

Written by IMD, JP

Credit of Images

Solar System Montage - High Resolution 2001 Version

NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Jupiter Showcases Auroras, Hazes

NASA, ESA, Jupiter ERS Team; image processing by Ricardo Hueso (UPV/EHU) and Judy Schmidt

Three Views of Europa


Gullies in Sirenum Terra, Mars

NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona

A Closer Hubble Encounter With Mars - Elysium

Steve Lee University of Colorado, Jim Bell Cornell University, Mike Wolff Space Science Institute, and NASA

Mars in True Color almost

NASA/JPL/Arizona State University/Cornell University/Don Davis

Mars Odyssey View of Morning Clouds in Canyon

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Arizona State University

Sand Dunes and Ripples in Proctor Crater, Mars

NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

Earth and Moon as viewed from Mars

NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems



Earth observation

Photographer: Reid Wiseman

Earth Observation2

Photographer: Alex Gerst

Earth Observation4

Photographer: Reid Wiseman

Earth Observation6

Photographer: Reid Wiseman

楯直己・Naoki Tate - Ambient Voice Scape

Naoki Tate Web Site


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