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#203 ”ゆらぎの一粒 ~A sparkle of fluctuation.”

Ambient Voice Scape #203


僕の父方は研究者 母方はアーテイスト 音のゆらぎは 父の目を通してみれば科学であり、母の目からは夢。 祖父は音響学の技術者として、医療分野の研究を行い、JAXAアーカイブに論文を残してくれた。



宇宙、音楽を愛する先生との出会いが鍵を開け、 どうやら僕自身、ゆらぎの一粒として生まれた、この宇宙と時間に戯れることを 私達共通の本当の夢のように感じるようになりました。



空気中の音速 1気圧/摂氏0°Cの時秒速331.5m。 1°C上がるごとに0.61m/s速くなる。 30°Cになるとおよそ350m/s 冬より夏、緯度の低い地域ほど音波は速く伝わります。 そして海水中では、空気中の4倍以上の速さで伝わるのです。

僕はゆらぎの一粒 なんと光栄なことでしょう!

Written by IMD, JP

My father's side comes from researchers, mother's side comes from artists. So Sound and sound fluctuations are science and art. My great-grandfather's latest research was on acoustic technology in the medical field. Some of his research papers are in the JAXA archives.

For Present electric fans, apply the soothing 1/f-fluctuations theory.

The founder of the 1/f- theory Prof Haruo Saji and with his love for the universe and music opened my heart. And I felt myself in time and space as a dream sparkle of fluctuations.

Watching the signals of fluctuations, we may experience the Dreams we are in the womb of Life, love, and hope.

Today the speed of sound fluctuations (waves ) is described in words of imagination

speed of sound in air : at 1 atmospheric pressure and 0°C is 331.5m/s for every 1°C rise, it becomes 0.61 m/s faster

On a day at 30°C sound seed is approximately 350m/s Sound waves travel faster in summer than in winter, and travel faster at lower attitudes

For speed in seawater, sounds travel five times faster than in air, approximately 1500 m/s,

I honored to be a sparkle in fluctuations!

Written by IMD, JP

Credits: Scientists Uncover Origins of Dynamic Jets on Sun's Surface: Observations from Hinode Spacecraft Secondary Creator Credit: Joy Ng, Juan Martinez-Sykora, Bart De Pontieu, Kathalina Tran, Adrian Daw

Location: Goddard Space Flight Center

L1527 and Protostar

SCIENCE: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI IMAGE PROCESSING: Joseph DePasquale (STScI), Alyssa Pagan (STScI), Anton M. Koekemoer (STScI)

楯直己・Naoki Tate - Ambient Voice Scape

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