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#204 ”1秒の美しさ ~ The Beauty of 1 sec”

Ambient Voice Scape #204

Improvisation 1秒の美しさ





NASAのVoyagerが太陽系の惑星や衛星を探査した際、それらの記録から、我々が聴くことができる周波数に変換した音があります。いわば星の音です。その中には地球の音もあります。(※"NASA Voyger Space Sounds") 他の惑星と聞き比べてみてください。僕も聴いた時、地球の音がなんと美しく、愛おしく、水の輝くような音が混ざっているように聞こえ、とても感動しました。

一方で、南極昭和基地をはじめとして世界各地で測定した地球内部の振動。 こちらは地震などのない平常時で、常に数百秒周期であることが判明し、常時地球自由振動といわれるようになりました。(※東京大学地震研究所の論文より)



共通言語となった単位ヘルツ(Hz)を開拓した祖父の時代の第一歩の次となる 私達が、この五感が自分達を愛するこの地球と宇宙の一部と体験できる世代となりますように

Written by IMD, JP

The beauty of 1 sec

Hz (Hertz) A unit enacted in 1930 to represent the frequency of radio waves (electromagnetic and sound)and information was reaching out to more people with current news by radio or TV. Now our network is reaching out to the universe, the ground, and the deep sea. And we, as part, are somewhere in all layers of multiple communicating complexes.

There are frequencies of plasma waves and ions emitted from outer space and stars.

NASA's Voyager explored the planets and moons of our solar system and found a way to translate records into frequencies we can hear. It is the sound of the stars, comets, and planets...also the sounds of the earth. (*"NASA Voyager Space Sounds")

Please listen and compare the sounds of planets. When I hear, the planet Earth sounds so beautiful and lively with the sounds of water.

And vibrations of the earth measured at Showa Station in Antarctica now show that. In periods of several hundred seconds, the earth is constantly shaking and moving. (a state without an earthquake, *From the paper of the Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo on Ambient seismic wave fielding )

And the sun, with the turbulence on the surface, emits sound waves every 5 minutes. In the ocean, long, slow frequencies wavering of the sound of a blue whale is so stable that it reaches out to buddies 500 miles away.

In my grandfather's time and his team's study

s, the unit Hertz (Hz) was a step, and now we may explore what will lead our five senses, the earth, and everything, as we are a part of the whole each second Hz.

Written by IMD, JP

Credits: Earth Views NASA

Earth Observation Photographer: Karen Nyberg

Earth Observation Photographer: Reid Wiseman

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