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#205 ”天体のハルモニア~"Celestial Harmonia"

Ambient Voice Scape #205




生命 一つの動き


子宮の中で母の心臓の音を全身で感じたことでしょう。 日常では石を使って作物を砕くリズムが聞こえていたかもしれません。

大地の鼓動を飾る音が戯れる、私達の海と陸の故郷。 そこでは生命の美しさに触れる音達が、お互いを見つけるように手を伸ばしているのかもしれません。




平和を祈り続ける宇宙の音律を探る人間の旅 そして宇宙のコーラスは今日も歌う

Written by IMD, JP

"Celestial Harmonia",

Micro movements and waves show us life in the universe, planet, or of a new child. As in the womb, we may be hearing the heartbeats of our mother with the whole skin And in daily life, we may listen to the rhythm of crushing crops with stones, and sounds of our planet, touching the beauty of life in us may be reaching out to each other

Just imagine the sun, moon, or planets rotating. Imagining such motions invites our senses to be refreshed in our inner life.

And the universe holds us physically in a bowl of the constant fluctuation of continuous birth of the future birthing.

Recreating the movements of the universe for our perceptions is a longing for music and math.

In ancient greek, people established such studies and defined harmony of music as "Celestial Harmonia",

A prayer for peace and a search for harmony tuning in to the chorus of the whole homeland universe

Written by IMD, JP

Credits: L1527 and Protostar SCIENCE: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI IMAGE PROCESSING: Joseph DePasquale (STScI), Alyssa Pagan (STScI), Anton M. Koekemoer (STScI)

楯直己・Naoki Tate - Ambient Voice Scape

Naoki Tate Web Site

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