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#209 夢の時間が今に向かう “邯鄲の夢”Dreams returning to now ,Noh piece "Kantan"

Ambient Voice Scape #209

Improvisation 邯鄲の夢




子どもも大人も 夢を観ては、別の世界を体験することがあります。


その夢も過ぎ去るものは消え、自分にとっての真実が、いのちのダイアモンドのごとく輝く。 覚えていない夢でも、我に戻った時、一つの世界観を生き終えた自分が目を覚ました朝、風景がちょっと変わって映る自分がいます。


14世紀の日本、世阿弥の活躍する頃作られた能の曲『邯鄲(かんたん)』は中国の短編諸説『枕中記(ちんちゅうき』を原作とした非常に美しく、ファンタジックな能です。邯鄲の枕の言葉の引用して 私達の夢見る力を讃えたいと思います


Written by IMD, JP

Dreams returning to now ,Noh piece "Kantan"

From Children to adults, dreams are a capability we all have We may have experienced dreams and experienced another world.

Even if we don't remember our dreams, our minds or spirits are traveling through dreams When a dream attains a certain degree of completion, it starts to rewind and brings up back to here and now.

While rewinding, some parts of dreams will disappear, yet the truth of the experience will shine like a diamond of life. Even if it's a dream I don't remember, we wake up in the morning, and the world looks slightly different, slightly more beautiful.

In 14th-century Japan, the Noh piece "Kantan" was composed around the time Zeami was active.

Written by IMD, JP

楯直己・Naoki Tate - Ambient Voice Scape

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