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作曲家・宇宙音楽  Ambient Voice Scape

多くの民族楽器等を駆使する マルチサウンドクリエイター

最も原始的な母音で語り 祈る ヴォカリーズ

人々の心や想像力を引き立て 包み込む 空間音楽

第65回グラミー賞(2022年度)にて参加アルバム「SAKURA」MASA TAKUMIがベストグローバルミュージックアルバム受賞。アンビエント·ヴォーカリストとして新たな道を拓いた。

空間音楽(Ambient Voice Scape)と呼ぶ独自のサウンドスタイルは、五大陸の民族楽器、言葉のないヴォイス、身の周りの物までも楽器として奏で、テクノロジーと融合するサウンド·タペストリー。



近年では「日本野鳥の会」とのコラボレーション作品「空~三部作」「愛の織物」(w/詩人:安藤康弘)を発表。2019 年秋には「徳永二男が案内する楽器の謎」に出演、バルトーク無伴奏ヴァイオリンソナタなどを独自の解釈で共演。 








Music Composer,
Spatium Music  Ambient Voice Scape

Naoki Tate is a Japanese composer, vocalist, and player of global instruments.

His exceptional talent was recognized when he won the Best Global Music Album

as a background vocalist and percussionist at the 65th Grammy Awards in 2022,

specifically for the album "Sakura" by Masa Takumi.


Naoki's music is captivating, as he skillfully incorporates a wide variety of sounds into his compositions.

From his mesmerizing voice to instruments sourced from different corners of the world, and even unconventional objects,

he creates a unique and diverse musical experience. He holds a particular fondness for the Kora, adding a distinct flavor to his music.


Notably, Naoki's versatility and recognition within the industry led to his appointment by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. He composed music for national television in Japan, showcasing his exceptional talent and ability to create music

that resonates with a wide audience.


Through his remarkable musical abilities and diverse influences, Naoki Tate continues to captivate audiences both at home and abroad.


Music Compositions


・NHK Educational Television “TV Picture books” series and “Move your body”series

・JAXA Project KAGUYA=SELENE, “Award of Excellence”.

 at Science and Technology Film/Video Festival 2009

・Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Blue Impulse “WalkDown2014.”

・England, Edinburgh International Festival (Kawaruko)

・Sweden, Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm 2008 -09 Installation for “Soft Factory” Teresa Wennberg

・Hokusai Katsushika Concert at Obuse City, ~ Music for “Phoenix” of Ganshoin Temple,

・NHK, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, and more




・Tsuguo Tokunaga, 〈Solo/chamber music violinist, concertmaster with NHK Symphony Orchestra〉, Duo on “Bartok Piano Sonata” Sep.2019.

・Yuko Doi 〈Musical actress, voice actress, and singer〉Music Producer and Player

 Hakuhinkan Theater ,ABC Hall Yobunka Hall(1999~2019)

・All Japan Figure Skating Championships “Winner’s Exhibition”(2013~2019)

 “Yuzuru Hanyu Programs” Jan.2020 . As Digital Conductor for Orchestra and Band and Player

・At Miyazaki International Music Festival

・Nobuo Furukawa〈Chief Cellist of Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra〉a member of concert group, May.2018,

・Naoki Tate with Kohei Ueno (Sax) Toshiya Shioiri(Piano), Aug.2021

・Tsurutaro Kataoka, Yoga Organization of Japan, Nobuki Okumura and his Orchestra Dec.2021

・Yasuhiro Ando and Wild Bird Society of Japan collaboration

 “Tapestry of Love,” “Circulation of skies,” “Hojoki ~Let Life Flow~.”

・On Line Life “Ambient Voice Scape”on Facebook improvisation

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